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Invites you to attend "The Spring Thing", Dates TBD.

Treats will be available! Therapists will be available to talk about services offered at Bri-Cho, as well as offering specials on many services if booked that day!!

Come spend some time in a lovely, healing environment with Brittany, Heather, Jailee, Casey, Lena, Meredith and Jared!

Call for more info! 509-902-1018
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What is Lomi Lomi?

Lomi Lomi massage, also known as Loving Hands massage, is a traditional Hawaiian healing modality that combines massage techniques, nut oils, breath work and dance to soothe the body and heal the soul. Lomi is based on the Huna philosophy. Huna means "secret" in Hawaiian and refers to ancient knowledge said to enable an individual to connect to their highest wisdom. This is more than just a physical massage. It is a deeply healing experience. Lomi harmonizes the body, mind and spirit. My Lomi offering is 90 minutes in duration, but I ask that you come prepared to spend about two hours in total. Draping is minimal. This treatment cannot be booked online. If you would like to book or have questions, please call me, Brittany, directly at (406) 559-6925. I would love to talk to you about this unique healing experience.

Reviews for Lomi Lomi

"I've had several wonderful massages at Bri-Cho from Brittany Barth but I just had her Lomi Lomi massage, and I gotta say it was the BEST YET! So comprehensive, intense, and as simultaneously relaxing as it was rejuvenating. Thank you Britt, I'll be back!" Pam

"Brittany's Lomi service is so healing. It's not a question of if you should book this appointment, it is a when!" Breanna

"My Lomi Lomi treatment with Brittany was like nothing I've ever experienced before. I was able to really surrender and sink into a state of deep relaxation, allowing me to release stress and tension my body had been holding onto. At times it felt as if I were actually vibrating. As a fellow body worker and energy healer I cannot recommend this treatment enough. If you are seeking an extraordinary healing experience you've found it!" Casey

"Finding a Lomi Lomi practitioner who observes and respects traditional values is important not only in preserving cultural values but also in the quality of work you will receive. I can tell you my Lomi session with Brittany was transformative, not only for my body but for my soul. This unique technique was masterfully executed in a beautifully spiritual setting. Definitely an experience I will never forget. I will be booking again." Heather

"I had a Lomi Lomi massage with Brittany Barth @ Bri-Cho Healing Sanctuary. I Cant recommend her enough. Lomi Lomi is not just a massage, which is magical enough on its own. Lomi Lomi is about letting go, being deeply held and calling on the ancestors for support and healing. Brittany is a powerful energy transmitter/transmuter which makes the sessions all the more magical and transcendent. It's an experience. One that I'd highly recommend to anyone who's looking for a deeper level of healing body, mind and soul." Soul Gem Healing

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Bri-Cho is always looking for natural options to add to our skincare products made by small businesses. Mermaid Wax is made by an Esthetician, specifically for Estheticians. Developed by Kristen Spelce, owner of The Hiss'n Kitten Waxing Center (aka HK Wax Center -Austin Arbor). The Mermaid Wax mission is to deliver the highest quality premium wax at the lowest possible price. We are sure that you will agree that Mermaid Wax is the best! #MERMAIDSQUAD

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Bri-Cho Signature Services Waiting For You

Skin Care
Back Massage


Pre-Waxing Guidelines

1. Exfoliate a few days prior, to remove dead skin cells and minimize the chance of ingrowns.

2. Use Sunscreen


Full body waxing services available, including Brazilian, full or half leg, as well as brow shaping and everything in between. We adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness and use high quality, gentle wax and waxing techniques. Click on the booking link below for further information on specific wax treatments, cost, and availability.


Our approach to massage therapy is integrated, combining Swedish, Myofascial, and Medical massage techniques. Our therapists bring significant experience in the field of massage therapy, and every session is tailored to our client's specific concerns and goals. Cupping, CBD Topicals, and Hot Stone available upon request and if indicated. In addition to massage therapy, we offer full body exfoliation, body wraps, and ionic detoxing foot baths.



Our skincare treatments range from relaxing European style facials to clinical and results-driven. Every treatment is customized to your specific needs and concerns, and are designed to bring the skin into balance and health. We use and sell skincare products from Clovertree Apothecary exclusively.

Bri-Cho Spa & Coffee Bar is the only Spa in Central Washington that offers not only massage and skincare, but also a full Coffee Bar, Boutique and Art Gallery. Bri-Cho Spa & Coffee Bar is also home to Heather Nicole Permanent Cosmetics.

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Bri-Cho Spa is one of those places that you walk inside and feel the magic. Every time I visit, whether for a Lotus or a massage, I leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Brittany is hands down the best massage therapist I’ve had the privilege of seeing. I am also a huge fan of her facials. She is able to bring back some softness to my rough, dry skin. I look forward to our monthly massage/facial combo!


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