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Energetic Life Coach

Reiki: Facilities


I embody so many Elements it can be difficult to pinpoint what to call myself. I am a clairvoyant who loves to help people reconnect to their unique beauty, inherent worth and guide them through energetic transformation to lead a more peaceful life  grounded and energetically coherent existence. I am a momma of two and partner to an amazing human being. I am blessed to have them in my experience.  

I've been through many heavy and tough situations, some I believe could have broken me, but something in me wouldn't allow me to give up on myself.I honestly credit this to my open mind and optimistic attitude, regardless of what I experienced, I looked at, analyzed each situation for what they were. The lessons I learned I would certainly rise from the difficulty surrendering to what was to make space to heal from the trauma. Through the trauma I was led to a space to be able to offer support specifically to those who are interested in reclaiming a deep connection to their worth and willing to put in the work towards exploring and engaging the inner work. Energetic Transformational Guidance is what I call it.   

 I am a  Human being first and foremost a certified Personal trainer, Whole food plant-based Advocate, Reiki Practitioner, Restorative & Yin Yoga Practioner, Oracle, Artist, Dancer,  and Nature lover. 



The term “reiki” comes from the Japanese words “rei,” meaning universal, and “ki,” which means vital life force energy that flows through all living things.

Reiki is an attuning art form of helping clear blockages to allow space for healing to take place. The recipient must be active in his or her own healing development for the energy to work long term or else the chakra or energy wheel will Become blocked again. 

I look at reiki as a tool to help it isn’t the end all be all. It isn’t a magic trick. It’s simply a tools to get the wheels aligned and energies unblocked. 

As humans we all have subtle bodies and energetic wheels and meridians in the body. Subtle bodies are None physical energies we are comprised of that carry frequencies and vibration example would be mental, emotional, spiritual, etheric, astral to name a few. We are made up of frequency and vibration even on a subatomic level. There are dense parts of you which would create your physical body that is tangible. Such as organs skin bones flesh blood vessel etc. 

So when you go to a practitioner of reiki to recieve an attunement what takes place is the flow of universal life force energy through the practitioner into the parts of your chakra, subtle bodies or meridians that are blocked. So the real work can take place and that’s all up to the receiver.

Distant Reiki 

In distant Reiki  sessions the recipient gives the practitioner permission to access his/her energetic fields. Using a specific symbol the practitioner activates the session to allow the connection to the receiver. The distance symbol is used to cross any distance in space or time.

According to Hermetic principles of Similarity it is said we are all connected , as we are all energy matter part of a larger whole.  This is how this is possible for reiki even for sessions of Tarot and oracle readings. We are tuned into the energy/frequency of the recipients. 

Why do I use the term Attunement vs Healing?

Attune is the act of bringing something into harmony and healing  is the process of making or becoming sound or healthy cured again. The practitioner can bring your energetic body into harmony but it is the receiver who does the healing. You hold the magic we just aid in clearing energetic blockages to allow that to happen.


Reduce your stress

Release tension in the body

Enhance your sleep

Balance out your ChakRas

Restore your overall well-being

Relieves pain & discomfort on body

Promotes the release of toxins

Awakens intuition and assist in improving one's state of mind

I also work in tandem with your mental health provider to enhance your therapeutic experience.

Feel free to book a consultation to discuss what best fits your needs

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